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"I just wanted to say thank you for a great product. I have bought project X and it has really helped to catapult my online business from a side project into something that is becoming a real contender to become my full time job.

Thanks to the techniques I've learnt from project X, I have built my income from my internet business up to $3,000 per month, and that figure is still growing each month.

So a big thanks to you Chris, and I can't wait to get stuck into your other
products and no doubt the masses of valuable information contained in there...

Adrian Milewski, Coventry, England.

"Chris, The content inside Project X is really amazing. As a Newbie I was really begining to give up trying to make money on the internet until I came across Affiliate Project X. Please keep up the good work giving us Newbies the knowledge to make money online. Many Thanks ...."

Mo Price, Northants , U.K.

"After years of struggling with AdWords, and after spending literally hundreds of dollars on products and campaigns, Project X is the one that made the breakthrough for me. With other products, I get the feeling that they've been released once the owner and insiders have milked them to death. Project X is different - it really does hold the keys to successful AdWords campaigns. Within two weeks of setting up the first campaigns I was seeing money coming in, and after two months I have consistent winners, bringing in over $100 a week.

If you have tried the others and failed, you'll know as soon as you read this guide that there's no fluff or B.S. - just solid, step-by-step advice to get you up and running.

Chris Lewis, Virginia, USA


And, you should know that a few secrets separate the winners from the losers, the abject failures from the $500/day affiliates. Horrible to accept, but entirely true....

I know because it was only when I uncovered this secret that things started to change for me.

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And I think you should know that this secret has nothing to do with all the crap you have been fed up to this point - it runs in polar opposite to the "old school" methods you may have heard about. It has nothing to do with any "data entry" rubbish out there, very little to do with the Adwords techniques that 99% of marketers use, and it may mean you have to unsubscribe from your favorite guru's newsletter - because everything he has taught you is an outright lie. He knows it, I know it... and in a few moments you will see it too.

But there is a reason you have been kept out of the loop up until now, a reason success has continued to evade you... and you might not like it...



The leech really worked well for me. It's amazing that you can take
something that on the surface looks so simple and is in reality is so

When I applied the leech method I made £200+ (about $380) in a day. I think it's worth mentioning that I actually made a mistake in using the technique (which I realised later on) BUT, the technique still worked!!!

I'm fairly new to "outside-the-box" IM and this is one heck of an
introduction I can tell you that!

Ash Ford (testimonial sent via e-mail)


Please be aware: what I am about to tell you is top secret, covert information - the very reason that some affiliates make as much as $20,000 in a single day, while the rest fail to turn a profit

This information has never been made available before - anywhere else in... the world...and it never will be again. But you may have to opt
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I need to tell you something right from the start; you must be ready for something different... for something which works. You need to have realized that there's been something missing... a vital ingredient you've been denied... and you must be prepared to seize it. You should know that the reason you haven't made it is only one step away, and when you grasp it, everything else will fall into place.

But, you must swear to keep these techniques to yourself. I really do mean that because these techniques are not for everyone. If you don't want the financial freedom that the secret elite are enjoying, then you should probably just go now. But if you really do want it bad enough, then let me tell you something else...

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Affiliate Project X - Sneak preview

Just some of the techniques inside...

Every one of my job-killing benefits exposed:

• The Copy The Best technique: discover how the smart affiliates generate a $200/week income stream (for 20 minutes work).

The thief in the night method: stealing from the super affiliates (keep this one quiet), believe me...

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How to finally profit from the most popular products on ClickBank [Last Minute addition to Project X. I did not want to let the world know about this]. In almost every case, promoting the "star" products is a recipe for disaster - too much competition crushes your returns. That is,... until now. Learn the technique that allows you to successfully push these star products for incredible returns (as much as $5,000 per month with NO list and NO special skills required). And you want to know the shocking part? You will do it all from a single web page. And it gets better...

Step-by-step, idiot-proof techniques revealed with live working examples - my methods were so advanced that I had to break them down forensically into simple steps that even a newbie could follow. And, inside your Project X, I give you live, working examples of the techniques in place, including a $6,000 per month income stream that you can replicate (that's right, this one example made me $6,000 in August 2006 and it continues to make me $100 per day on auto-pilot).

ClickBank Affiliates... the final word - if you are promoting products on Clickbank, I have some bad news... you may have to forget everything you learned so far about choosing and promoting products. Watch this space...

The affiliate guide that requires very little capital to make job-ending cash- the incredible thing I found on my covert research was that the richest affiliates - the six figure guys you know are out there in hiding - spend far, far less than their competition. These guys invest a little to make a hell of a lot - now it's your turn to do the same . Whether it's Adwords, ezine advertising or anything else, they drop cents to make dollars. And the reason that they do it may surprise you...

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What would you pay to see every promotion that a $600 per day affiliate has ever done - the products he is promoting, the methods he is using? What if I gave you a way to consistently seek out and replicate any ClickBank affiliate on the planet? I imagine you would hand me the keys to your house, allow me to name your first born... and you would be right to do so. Luckily for you, the trick (that I learned from a ten year veteran of the Internet marketing game) is inside your Project X handbook. And, you will be disgusted that you did not think about it before me. Trust me on this one...

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And so much more... - Project X is packed with so many secret underground tricks - and I have barely even touched on the most powerful section. I suggest you keep on reading...



Presenting... Affiliate Project X - the only proven way to make money with a computer and a pocket of change. But first, why affiliate marketing is the way forward for you...

Let me break it down for you in a sentence: there is a very good reason that there are over 300,000 affiliates all chasing the same scrap of meat - affiliate marketing is the greatest business on the planet, if you can make it work.

Compared to any traditional business it is a joke, and even compared to any other online business, it is incredible. When you are a successful affiliate marketer, watching the commission checks pile up with very little effort on your part, it feels like you are riding the greatest wave on the planet.

The incredible thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make six figures up and still maintain complete freedom in your life - you have no customer service headaches, no staff, no overheads, and yet the income potential is practically unlimited. Take it from someone who knows...

You need no prior experience marketing online - I lay everything out for you, step-by-step. My methods are simple, and run contrary to popular affiliate techniques. Whether you are a seasoned affiliate, or a complete newbie, the cash will come just as quickly.

No hard work or long hours - Affiliate marketing (when done the right way) is the easiest business online. And you will have a lot of leisure time on your hands - you could quit your job and join me in the world of the cash-rich, time-rich self employed affiliate.

A revolutionary formula, that no-one else is using - completely unique gold - meaning minimal competition, and a real edge over almost every other affiliate on the planet (and we will be taking from the guys who know what they're doing). Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you will never see this information presented this way - anywhere on the web.

Remember, with the step-by-step techniques inside Project X, you can work the hours that you want to work (an hours work a day for $2,000 a week, anyone? It's possible), and potentially enjoy the freedom that very, very few others enjoy (the only other guys making that much are the top of the class professionals, but they work sixty or seventy hours a work). And it doesn't even stop there...


$19,000 in two weeks...

And, from just a few of the Project X methods...

And remember, I break the methods down step-by-step with real life examples (so you can see exactly how I get checks like this every week).

Even if you only achieve 10% of what I get from these techniques it could well make all the difference in your life...

And these figures might seem large, but this is only one account. Even more to come. Prepare to be stunned...


In a nutshell, being an affiliate allows you the best of both worlds - insane potential for maximum income, and yet complete freedom to do what you want because of the masses of free time you will have on your hands. Time that can be used to do what you want, and spend your money (and trust me, having lots of time and money really forces you to think about what you want - since the options are basically unlimited).

Of course, just being an affiliate isn't going to make you financially free.

Which brings me onto the very reason Project X was created...




"Project X is what I have been missing. I had trouble finishing
reading the whole thing because each part I had to stop and write all
my new ideas that were flowing on every single section before I could
read on. Thankyou so much I have already made $1200.00 in the first 3
days.... I truly lucked out or is it the course? (we all know it is). Plus I have written 6 articles already just from your advise. Every time I read it I get new ideas! Thanks again

Jack Leech (sent via e-mail)

...earned $1276.00 since January 15, 2007, with Affiliate Project X... this is simply the most straight forward information I have purchased. Your "take it as it comes" presentation makes you realise with the right information anything is possible...

I have initially directed my efforts on the Leech Method because it is very easy to duplicate and profitable. This with a steady effort to the "Workhorse Method" has levered my earnings even further. I only work at it part time and have seen an incredible profit of $1276.00 it the last 30 days.

I have worked at affiliate marketing part time for the past 6 months with little success. I have purchased other so called ‘Guru Information’ and put in more effort and come away very disappointed. It is so difficult to get useful information about affiliate marketing - its all fluff. Affiliate Project X sure has delivered…. keep up the great work and don’t loose your "take it as it comes" attitude.”

Glenn Garbett, MB. Canada - "Only the beginning..."



Important: Stop here if you don't want to
know the truth (it is not pleasant...)


...what if I told you everything you had learned was an outright lie. You see, the other affiliate marketing products just aren't telling you the truth. Time for another bombshell...

Why most affiliates fail - and others become rich
beyond their wildest dreams. Let me show you...

Allow me to open your eyes, and drop a second bombshell. It's time for another reality check.

All the other ebooks, guides and "systems" on the market were doing more harm than good.

They all seemed to say the same damn thing, causing over 95% of the affiliates to chase over the same scrap of meat in the same way. "Get rich" guides, data entry programs, "super affiliate" materials, even expensive back end products ... it doesn't matter.

No matter what the source was, the information is outdated, unhelpful, and everyone and their grandmother is using it.

You see, if you want to make money - or indeed progress at anything - you need "imperfect" information - knowledge that the other 300,000 affiliate marketers don't know about.

And if there are 10,000 guides out there, all recommending the same techniques (which might have worked back in 2000 when there were few affiliate marketers), then the material just won't work. In fact it really screws up a lot of affiliates because they buy the guides, follow the techniques and get burned. Then they wonder what the hell went wrong, buy the next guide (which tells them to do the same thing with a little twist), and the cycle starts again.

There must be 100,000 affiliates who use Adwords to promote products, post review pages the wrong way, trying to build lists with no idea what the hell they are doing... and have no idea where to turn for advice.

And you know what is really messed up?

All the while, the top 1% of "super affiliates" are laughing to the bank.

Their bank account grows, their techniques work time after time, and the masses go broke.

Every so often, one of these guys surfaces, puts out an ebook, or an expensive multi-media package that gives out a few hints (but not the real information you need to progress), and the wannabes flock in to buy it (after all, if ten "gurus" recommend it, it can't be bad, right?).

Meanwhile, the recycled information that the affiliates get comes from people who are good at marketing it - the sale copy guys, the guys with the J.V. networks and contacts they met at so-and-so's seminar two years ago. Not the real world super affiliates who are silently making moves, consolidating in the shadows.

And it gets deeper...

How I finally escaped the industry's grip and watched my affiliate income explode - in a matter of days

As soon as I abandoned the principles I learned from other affiliate guides, I started to make progress - but I have to be honest, the "old school" techniques were so pervasive that it was even difficult to escape them when I began to make $500 per day. Only by unlearning the information that those darn gurus had spat out at me did I escape the cycle.

And when I did that the smoke cleared, the fog lifted, and I started to develop my own set of rules. And as soon as I did that, my income spiked, the commission cheques got bigger and affiliate managers started calling me to introduce themselves and thanking me for promoting their wares (sometimes within a few days of joining up and seeing the referrals flood in). Bank staff and managers started to give me a little more recognition whenever I banked my checks.

And up until now, that was the only recognition I got, or wanted.

And then I had the idea for the bombshell product, code-named X - the one product that I knew could switch the game up and make some of the most deserving people financially free in a very, very short period of time.

If they could only hear me out for just a few short moments...

And that's where my story begins...

But, how the hell did I see the light and develop the raw blueprint that catapulted me into the six figure club in weeks - with no help from anyone else, and no capital to my name...

The short answer: it's not what you think...

But, before I drop my bombshell, and before I do what no-one else has dared to do before,... I need to tell you about who I am and why I am writing the sales letter I never thought I would write.

You see, I have been making money online for over a year now. And in that period, I have gone from broke to banking over $12,000 in a single day.

And I largely did it the easy way - by "stealing" from the top 1% of affiliates.

Confessions of an internet thief. Of sorts.

My story begins late 2005.

Back then I had tried every single business opportunity out there. Believe me, if there was a scam artist selling it, I was buying it. I must have run through over one hundred - one hundred, count 'em! - "money making schemes" in the space of twelve months.

From data entry to eBay, from "turnkey sites" to data entry programs, from betting systems to paid survey schemes, and from MLM to paid to shop programs. I even setup and developed a handful of sites and threw up some Google Adsense code up there. I started pushing some of my sites on Google Adwords. And I was still making almost nothing from my endeavors.

All the while, my day job was getting on top of me.

Every day, I would wake up before the sun was out, grab a coffee and dart out to the train to begin my daily commute. I hated my job, I hated the commute and I hated the fact that everyone seemed to be making money from the Internet apart from me.

Half the time I wondered whether ANYONE was truly making money online, but I did my best to believe. I had to. There was no other way out of my situation, and I just couldn't break from the cycle.

And then it happened... .

And then, I thought I had hit on the
breakthrough that would change my life.

I hit on affiliate marketing.

Someone on a forum recommended it to me, and it had all the hallmarks of the ultimate Internet business. No need for stock, no need for any capital, no customer service headaches. I was instantly sucked in.

But it just wasn't as easy as everyone made out.

You see, at first I thought that simply being an affiliate was going to guarantee me financial freedom. I thought that the returns would come in from day one, and that I would "make it" overnight.

But sadly, I was wrong.

Back then, I bought half a dozen guides for affiliates and followed the techniques covered in them to the tee (all the popular guides at the time - you probably have some of them). I chose the affiliate programs I wanted to promote and began to promote them. I used all the "classic techniques" that other affiliate marketers supposedly used.

I promoted my programs on Google Adwords. I bought traffic from "bulk traffic" sites. I even tried to market them offline using classified ads in the national newspapers.

I tried everything - and nothing worked for me. Nothing.

I was back to square one, and my dreams continued to fade from the view. The idea of working from my bedroom, the vision of me supporting my family with ease, the fast cars, the expensive holidays... it slipped through my fingers once more.

And then one day, out of sheer desperation, I made some small changes to a few of the affiliate promotions I had going. My thought process was, "I am losing money promoting these damn products on Adwords anyway, so what harm can it do?"

And then I checked my online balance, switched off my computer in disgust, and left the house for the weekend.

What happened next stunned me - and gave me the sudden breakthrough that changed everything

When I returned, I checked my affiliate account - like I always did. I knew full well that my balance would be the same as when I left a few days later. And then I saw what was possibly the greatest sight I could have wished for. I had started to see returns - several hundred dollars in sales!

This might not sound like much to you, but at the time I was more than I made in a few days in my office job. And in those moments I felt that surge of hope returning for the first time since I first thought about making money online.

I couldn't believe it, but I had finally hit on something. And I wanted to take advantage of it fast.

That night I sat in front of the computer, making changes to all the affiliate promotions I was doing at the time. I joined three new programs and replicated what I had done before (almost to the point of copying and pasting it, I was terrified to change anything and get it wrong). Then, I fell asleep in front of my computer, exhausted...

...And in a matter of hours, I had hit on the discovery that would lead me to six figure success and instantly catapult me past 99.9% of every affiliate on the planet

Within a few short weeks my earnings increased exponentially...

A few hours later, I woke excited, remembering my earlier discovery. With a rush of adrenaline I logged back into my account and guess what... another three affiliate commissions in a matter of hours! I have never felt as good in my life (even now I look back at that moment as a real high), and I happily trekked off to work for the day.

But I won't lie to you. I was not there yet.

That week was rocky - and I was still learning the ropes. I did not make a fortune - but that wasn't the point. I was getting somewhere - and that gave me hope. Soon, I was making $300 per week... then $400... and it grew and grew.

It was all happening so fast for me .

With my newfound success, my confidence soared and I redoubled my efforts, launching more and more new affiliate promotions, and using different methods to promote them. Again, my income increased.

And it continued to explode until it became truly unbelievable, but I won't lie to you. I did not get here completely off my own back. I soon learnt that the fastest way to profit is to copy what is already working. And I will return to this point soon...


When my accountant saw the figures he called me a liar, and then I hit $15,000 per week - all from the same methods that the masses were uses. All because of my covert, bombshell techniques.

And I still wasn't done - let me explain...

I began to network with other Internet marketers, squeezing them for information and watching their every move - I became almost maniacal in my study of the craft - my income hit the $1k/week level, then $2k a week. I found newer and more ingenious methods to copy the most profitable affiliates, hit on different techniques for finding hot products before my competition...

Even my accountant called me a liar, refusing to take me on unless I showed him proof that my figures were real. My friends could not accept what was happening. And still my income grew. I hit $3,000 per week in clear profit, then $10k per week... and soon I was making an easy $15,000 each and every week. But I wasn't done. Not even close.

I became obsessed with Internet marketing, devouring every new release the day it came out. I would pick each paragraph apart, and test each new theory that came my way. I tried review pages, direct linking methods, pre-sells, hard-sells, bonuses, one time offers, building lists,... and all the while I kept one eye on the market. I tried to work out why some products flopped and some were a success, why some affiliates made six figures and others never made a red cent.

And then one day the horrible truth dawned on me.

The affiliates who were making money online - six figures and up - were doing it all different to everyone else. For each genuine, bonafide "super affiliates" there were at least 1,000 affiliates doing it all wrong.

And then the penny really dropped.

The guys who got it wrong all got it wrong the same way. There was something sinister here - something I could see clearly. A fatal error, and one that kept repeating itself like clockwork.

They would flock to the latest big product release, promote it when it was at market saturation, when the pickings were small... and they would promote it wrong each and every time. Their campaigns were doomed to failure before they even got off the ground - and I could see it happening with every day that passed by...



...and another $14,000..

And I am not done yet ... in fact, I fully expect these figures to double by the end of 2007...

Take note: these figures are achievable, as incredible as they may seem.

It all comes down to a simple fact: the few affiliates making good money from ClickBank are cleaning up. And they are doing it using the Project X methods....

And, the way they do it, day-in, day-out... has never been released. Until now ...

Each and every day hundreds of new affiliates enter the market, all making the same mistakes, all hungering for the same scrap of meat. And the truth... the reason that it continues to happen... may shock you.

I discovered the scandalous truth and I have to say I was infuriated.

As my income continued to build (hitting $1,000/week, $2,000/week.. and more), I started to see the industry for what it really was. The main reason that very few affiliates were making it was obvious but deadly - they were all misinformed.

They had been groomed by thousands of Internet marketers, all peddling the same dream, to make mistake after mistake. Then when they failed, they would return to buy the next product out there,

It was almost as if the entire industry was a conspiracy, designed to push new entrants to the brink of failure, give them hope, and then crush their dreams over and over. They would all buy the same products which promised untold riches but relied on techniques that the top affiliates had abandoned years ago. I saw it all as clear as day.

And all the while I saw the tragedy - it was all so easy to put right, but no-one seemed to be doing any of it the right way.

I saw the pattern repeat itself month after month. And remember, all the while, I was breaking away from the crowd and my income continued to grow. I had long since given up my day job, and my financial freedom was secured forever.

And then, two months ago, I decided to set
the record straight once and for all.

I felt the need to correct the market - to explain to the masses, to people like me when I started, what the truth was. By then, I already had a formula in mind, a set of mechanical, concrete steps which, when applied, would all but guarantee success.

I had applied these very step-by-step techniques myself when I went from failure to incredible success in a matter of weeks. Let me be blunt...

I was getting ready to take on the industry...



"Hey Chris, thanks .. The best money I have EVER spent. Blunt, to the point and brutally honest in their methods but I am finally making money as an affiliate.

I have little time ... and I had lost money before and almost given up. I bought APX with a high amount of scepticism but after reading it about 5 times and implementing some ideas I began to make about 2-300 dollars a week. I bought DJK the day it was released... I am now making 100-150 dollars a day and have some holiday coming up so I do expect to increase that considerably until I can kill my day job. Thanks again Chris - Next time you're in Southsea look me up for a beer or ten.


Andy Bignell, Southsea, U.K.



I finally knew what separated the self employed from the working drones... Now I just had to get my message out.

I was ready to blow the lid on the best-kept secret in the game, to burn bridges with a few so-called gurus and make a lot of the underdogs successful... and then... I got sidetracked.

In fact, this - all of it - almost never happened.

Just before I decided to release X , I had another two projects take up more and more of my time, until I was working day and night while also maintaining my affiliate business. My manual was left to one side... it almost never happened.

In the meantime, the techniques were all the while being used by myself and my friends, and continued to make us insane amounts of passive income:

Proof # 1 - I made $476 in a few hours - promoting someone else's product - with no list and without anyone else even noticing (inside Project X: codename "the leech " method)

Proof # 2 - My friend proved me wrong and changed the way I thought about affiliate marketing - and set up a $50,000 income stream with a single web page (inside Project X, hint: my favourite method)

Proof # 3 - A friend of mine generated so much revenue from one page on his website that the affiliate manager for one of the largest sites on the web called him up, from the other side of the Atlantic, to personally thank him

Proof # 4 - Go back and read some of the testimonials on this page - and understand that these people all had one thing in common: just like you they were unable to make it work until Project X showed them the way. What does that tell you? And remember; over 10,000 of your competition already know the truth, and many of them came here off personal recommendations...

All of these examples are explained fully in the Project X manual - every last one is laid out in a raw formula that is easy to understand... but devastating in application.

But, the raw principles, the techniques we used day in and day out, were still outside the public domain, despite the incredible results I was witnessing with anyone that even gave my notes a cursory glance.

And they would have stayed that way, were it not for the past few months. In case you haven't noticed, recently, there has been a mass surge of crap released onto the market, peddling the same rubbish to gullible affiliates.

And I finally decided that I had to share this with everyone out there, to set the record straight and get the truth out once and for all...

And then I released a handful of copies and stood back waiting for the repercussions

What happened next is Internet marketing history...

On 3rd October, 2006, I released Project X to a few small lists, and sat back and awaited the response. Within a few hours, word got out about the techniques inside the guide. And the best kept secret in the game was suddenly spreading like wild fire. What happened next has become Internet marketing history...

Almost 6,000 copies were sold in the first week due to one very powerful force: personal recommendation. Even though no-one knew of Project X when it was released, affiliates finally realized the scale of what they were sitting on, and they began to refer others to the site. There was a viral explosion of buyers referring other buyers, and in the end, Project X broke several sales records.

All from word of mouth. But do you know the most incredible part? As word of Project X got out, it began to happen... affiliates who could never make a red cent before began to generate thousands. Some made as much as $800 within the first 24 hours of buying Project X. I received hundreds of e-mails from buyers ecstatic that they had finally discovered the information they had finally been looking for - the reason why 99% fail while some make six figures as affiliates. And I hand-picked the best of them and added their words to this page: to show you what is possible, if you accept that you need to make a change...




" Hi Chris , Outstanding work! Love the format. I've been following your step by step blueprint of APX till now. And the traffic knocked me for a loop! Tons of great ideas and ways to put it in action. .... tried leech method and the article distribution idea... earning 60-100 bucks per day..... Can't believe I never thought of that strategy! It's gonna be fun to put that one and the other ideas to work


Rashme Bura, sent via e-mail



Full disclosure: no-one has ever covered this much ground, no-one has ever laid out the truth like this - you have never heard of these techniques until now

The real reason that you are at a disadvantage when you try and compete with the one percent who know these nasty little tricks..,

I can tell you one more thing too: my tricks are not the kind you would just stumble onto. In fact, I would guess that when Project X was released less than 100 affiliates world-wide were using these underground, "black hat" methods.

But, I should warn you before you read another word: my techniques may be too much for many out there.

Most of you guys are going to feel a little uneasy when you learn how I have been making my riches. I suspect one reason that no-one has ever covered any of this stuff before is that no-one has the guts to admit that this is how they really make their money online.

So, the question is, how bad do you want it?...

You see, this will change thousands of lives, but yours
may not be one of them

I am different and you can say what you like about me, but as long as my accountant likes what he sees, that's all that matters. Some of my methods are dubious, and some are downright unethical.

I want you to understand that from the get-go so you can make a truly informed decision. This is your life we are talking about, after all.

Remember, I ain't about making friends - the whole point is to become rich. Even if you upset a few people along the way.

Really think about that. Because this may not be for everyone, and only so many people are going to get in early.

If making money is not your utmost priority, if financial freedom isn't your end goal... then let me bring this to a head: this is simply not for you.

But let me tell you something else, and this is a very tough point for many to understand...

The fact is, you could have quit your job within weeks of learning of affiliate marketing, but without the right guidance it will never happen - even if you do this for five years...

There it is. The truth finally told...

When I completed Project X, I wanted to be sure that I included every single technique I used to generate my job-crushing income, and every last technique I "borrowed" from the super affiliates. Sure, making $5,000 is one hell of a feeling - but the most exciting time is right at the start, when you have your first $1,000 week - and you realize that very soon you will be able to leave the nine-to-five life and become financially free. Think about what that would mean to you.

The first goal of Project X is to get you out of your job and free from any financial worries - in as little time as possible. And remember, I also show you some of my "hyper advanced", patented back-door tricks - so that you could start thinking of the six figure lifestyle while you enjoy your first full week out of the grind most people never escape.

Take a moment to reflect on that, and everything it would mean to you .

The lifestyle, the money, the freedom, it's so close that you can taste it - but first you must break away from the pack and unlearn everything you thought you knew about being an affiliate

As soon as I developed my own set of techniques and tricks, everything began to fall into place. I began to work the hours that I chose, travel on a whim, and wake up at the time I wanted to wake up at. It all began to change for the better...

You see, I run a one-person business that can be run from anywhere in the world, and I make more lounging by the pool in my swim trunks than the average partner in a law firm, or the owner of many traditional businesses. In short, the top-secret methods that I finally reveal in the Project X handbook, could possibly allow you to live the perfect lifestyle each and every day of your life.

The day job is only a distant memory for me - and now it's your turn to join me, and ask yourself what you truly want from life. And make a real decision that you are going to damn well take it before the chance disappears from your grasp,..forever.

In truth, you might not be up to the challenge...

Despite the dozens of testimonials I have received, despite the fact that thousands of your competitors have purchased off the back of a personal recommendation... you could well fail through lack of action, or sheer bad luck. Only you know whether you are up to the task. Only you know how badly you want this, and whether you are willing to "swipe" from the most successful affiliates in the world, and take what is rightfully yours.

While I have proven the profitability of the Project X techniques time and time again, nothing is guaranteed in this world. Even the Project X techniques do not guarantee financial freedom for every person, no matter how successful many of past clients have been. Few can walk a mile in my shoes, and you should remember that only the most deserving affiliates will have the heart to cash in. And remember....

You may never have this opportunity again. Ever.

As I say, this one is going to get ugly for a lot of people. Including, possibly, me. Several of my techniques are so profitable, so devious, so treacherous... that they have run contrary to the terms of several companies. And, at points, what I present to you is the workaround.

Yes, you read that right: some of my techniques are so devastating that some of them - the ones they caught out - have actually been outlawed. In fact, I had to pull one of my techniques from the release copy because I was told I had to by a big company that I am not going to name. And when everyone else realizes that I am exposing this to the public, they may well come after me.

And possibly force me to pull the plug on this once and for all. And that is no exaggeration.

One of the sections has already been removed just before the launch. And others may well go unless you understand the potential of what I am offering and act fast. Real fast.

And... that is even forgetting the gurus who are going to come after me as soon as the fall-out begins. I may not be here tomorrow, so take your blessings while they occur. And remember, this very nearly never happened...


Affiliate Project X - February 2007

Limited offer. I will not be here forever.

My methods are downright evil. Chances are I will get shut down by someone, somewhere:

• A bonus "Super Advanced" section.

• Learn from hundreds of affiliates in one guide - the package I never expected to release...

• Adwords advanced techniques: not for the faint-hearted affiliate marketer....

• Why your favourite guru does not want you to succeed (read this before you promote another product).

• ...AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first time... and possibly the last...



I never thought I would give out these deadly affiliate secrets. But, in the end I relented and decided to arm the market with the tools that the elite have been using for years, the underground unorthadox tricks the other guys don't have the heart to discuss...

There are two reasons I am exposing some of the secrets that have made me trunk-loads of cash as an affiliate.

Firstly, let's get something clear: I am not doing this because I want to save the seals or extend a hand of friendship to you. My reasons are as selfish as the next guy. It's just I have the balls to admit it (and if you don't buy, it won't even resonate on my emotional radar. One thing you will discover when you finally access Project X is, I can afford to be honest and I do not hide that fact).

Reason # 1: With time, these techniques are going to go mainstream anyway. You see, the information takes months and years to filter from the top guys down to the masses, but it does eventually filter down (don't buy Project X and these techniques are coming to a forum near you sometime in 2009. By then it will all be too late). I would rather be known as the guy who exposed what the six figure guys are doing - if I completely switch the game up and make a lot of people rich while I do it, then great.

Reason # 2: Exposing my techniques isn't going to impact my earnings, my long-term strategy or my lifestyle. I have enough capital to live comfortably off the interest. Finally, I don't think of myself as an affiliate marketer, despite my income. My long term strategy is going to take me in a different direction, and if part of my portfolio takes a drop when this goes live, so be it. In short, I am not going to be on the suffering end of the industry takeover.

Given that the product was completed several months ago, it wasn't tough for me to get this out there. In a nutshell, I might as well chuck this out there, sit back and enjoy the commotion it causes from a distance.



"Hi Chris, I have been using the Work Horse method and have seen some really good results...

I honestly didn't know what to expect and was very surprised at the results. My first site is now sitting on Page one of Google at position 8 and my second site is also on page one position 7 of course on different topics.

Even more to my surprise I started to receive around $40 USD a day from these two sites. This only took a couple of weeks to kick in so I am now researching many markets and creating sites to generate more income.

I currently have six sites up and will have more in the coming weeks my income has increased by $300 USD a week and project affiliate X has really paid for itself and helped me quit my job for sure.

Ron Cripps





But, there is only one way to do this: I am going to have to limit the number of people who get access to the beast.. Let me explain...

In the wrong hands, these techniques can be deadly. They may get some of my accounts banned - no lie. And they will certainly cause waves in the community. A lot of people are already pissed and a lot of gurus are going to get bent out of shape. It ain't gonna be pretty - especially if you are standing on the other side when it all kicks off. So it's only natural that I must qualify you before I even let you think about ordering. And here's what I mean...

First off, let me be very clear on something: the material inside X is a revolution in thinking. I had to unlearn all the crap the "gurus" had spat at me, and develop my own way of making money online. Only then did the money start to pile up - and that was a tough, tough process that very few are going to attempt to pull off, let alone actually accomplish. Let me break this down real fast...

You will not find my techniques in any e-book on the market.

No $997 back-end products uncover some of the top secret, near-illegal methods I use to uncover hot products, and I have never heard my super advanced techniques explained by anyone else - at least on this planet. Make a note of my web address - bookmark it, back it up - because there are 6 billion websites out there and only one Project X. That much I guarantee.

And my price is laughably low. Some marketers have seen me making moves, and have offered me as much as $2000 for a few hours of consultation (they hear about me indirectly and instantly want in. At any cost).

The price you see below is the launch price - which means that it will increase at some point - and it will go up on a whim. There are no pre-ordained dates I have in mind - and no warnings will ever be given. I would go back and re-read that last sentence - anyone who knows me knows that I make a habit of increasing my prices at my own discretion with no warning at all.

So, this may be the only time and place (at least in the known universe) that you can be sure to get all of the competition-crushing benefits exposed in the Project X package.

By now you should know that the methods inside Project X are potentially worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. If you want it bad enough, then revise that figure upwards.

With that in mind, I originally intended to release Project X as a $997 back-end product - and I knew it would fly off the shelves at that price (my products have a habit of going viral fast).

As such, when I approached my select joint venture partners, I had that figure firmly in mind. But, they felt this was unfair on many of their members.

You see, although they agreed that the price of $997 was truly a bargain given the life-changing information in the package, they felt that it would be beyond the budget of many of their customers - the very guys who I intended to bring into my circle in the first place.

And this really hit home for me. My original intention, remember, was to switch the entire industry up and expose the raw truth to the world once and for all.

So, after a bit of thinking, I finally decided that a sensible price for anyone who really wants to tear the opportunity from my hands, and make an easy living from home would be $197.

So, that's the price, $197 it is, then.

That's right: after a lot of back and forth, I was finally persuaded to slash my price to $197 - so that everyone who acted fast could benefit

Or rather it would be, except that I actually overstepped the price we had agreed on. Remember, one of my main motivations for releasing this information is to get the real truth out there, to expose the sham gurus and be the one guy who can tell it like it is. And so, for a very select period of time, I decided to dramatically lower the price to $97.

That way, the most serious and committed of buyers can buy it at the heavily discounted price, and then I can quickly rise the price back to $197 for everyone else.

This means that everyone who truly wants to know the raw truth about affiliate marketing can learn it, provided they act quickly. It also means that Project X will become even more insanely popular than many in my inner circle have predicted - so when I reintroduce the real price of $197, I will already have a head-start.

But, remember, I reserve the right to increase the price at any time.

..And, only those who order today are ensured financial freedom - everyone else risks paying $297 or more.

Everyone who orders Project X today is investing in their financial freedom, their lifestyle... it is a very risky move to delay ordering Project X, and here's why.

I want to make sure that everyone who buys it becomes financially free - but if too many buyers will lower the profitability of the system for everyone concerned, including me. As soon as that happens, I will increase the price back up to $197 (without warning, and at a whim. I have done it with several products before, and I will do it again. Trust me. Don't be caught out).


Project X: the results are in... will you be next...

The results are in... first, I went undercover and spied on the super affiliates...

Then, I refined their techniques, and took them to the next level...

Finally, I unleashed Project X a handful of affiliates and watched their lives change overnight...

The decision now is, do you want to join the affiliate revolution while the opportunity is still there

it's decision time ...



Affiliate Project X - Secrets Exposed

RRP $497 - the ultimate ClickBank affiliate marketer package

The best kept secret in the entire game. Unreleased, never-seen-before methods exposed once and for all:

• Learn every strategy used by the $100,000+ affiliates (explained in complete step-by-step detail).

Learn how the elite profit from the rest.

• The truth is finally out. Don't get caught out...

• Massive manual, uncovering, all of my back-door sneaky tricks.

• ...AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first time... and possibly the last...


In fact, I am so very confident of this super-limited offer...

You have no risk - and a full 8 weeks to test drive
Project X and see if you can become financially free...

If Project X doesn't change the way you think about
affiliate marketing, you will receive all of your money back...

That's how confident I am of Project X's insane profitability. I am determined that anyone who does not completely crack the affiliate marketing code with Project X will get all of their money back.

Which is why I am assuming all the risk - so you can test-drive the system for a full 56 days. In the event of you not dominating the affiliate marketing world using my unique, underground methods, then you will receive all of your money back. Period.

If you can't join me and the Project X success stories in making an easy, relaxed second income from home, then you will receive every penny of your tiny investment back.

The question now is, do you really want to live the life you deserve? Let's be clear, at this price, this may be your only chance to snatch financial freedom. And you must make a decision now - or the opportunity may be gone forever...

It's now decision time, really imagine what your life could be like - and remember, this will never be available anywhere else, and the price will increase very, very soon. I suggest you act now, before you miss out on this one time opportunity. So, how bad do you want to know the truth they have been keeping from you?...

YES, Chris, I am ready to get Project X and learn how the secret affiliates really make six figures per year...

I understand that this is a one time, limited opportunity and....


I want to make as much as $500 per day - I need to quit my job ASAP. So, show me how.

  I want to live the lifestyle that I want - the holidays, the freedom, the money. All of it.
  I am sick of the B.S. and want to know the real reason that some affiliates make six figures.
  I know the offer is zero risk. And that the price may go back up to $297 at any time...


Now Get access to your Project X Instantly


You can buy the Project X top-secret package for $397 $297 the discounted price of $197

But I have an important message for you....

Okay. Enough is enough. If you are reading this, be aware: Project X has already shattered several ClickBank records with a massive viral explosion never seen before in this industry as word of the revolution leaked. I already have one hundred new testimonials of buyers making as much $600 in the 30 hours since launch. And by the time I add them... it will be too late. The discounted price of $197 now $97 will not last.

It is beyond dispute that any affiliate on the planet will need this at some point - and many of your competitors already do. And, that is out of your hands. The question is, do you want to get in at the discounted price. Or do you want to risk paying $197 or $297 just to catch up with the new industry order?

You have no choice. You must act fast.

And know this: I have just requested my account limit be raised to $197. With the updates I have planned for
Project X, and as the revolution gathers steam,
the question still remains for you: which side
do you want to be sitting on this fall?...


< Gain Access to Project X NOW!>

download in PDF format even if it's 2 in the morning, it's as good a time as any to get rich

Just click on the link above to get started

It's your turn to cash in and take over the affiliate game.



Click Here to Order and start earning right away

Oh, and one last thing: this is the lowest price I am prepared to give my information away at, and there is a very good chance that the price will rise to $297 at any time soon - without warning. Unless you are already making $100,000+ per year, you do not know these techniques - and you are going to get left behind very quickly, as more affiliates become aware of these underground methods. Remember that the gap between the super rich affiliates and the broke ones is widening each and every day - the question is, which side do you want to be on? You must make a decision now, while this opportunity is still on the table. Because soon, it will be gone. Maybe forever...

P.S. Whatever you decide, understand that this is a proven, system that can generate job-ending income, no matter what your experience level is. Go back and read the testimonials - - and know that this is the most important page for you on the web today. And know that inside the guide, I give you real-life examples of web pages and affiliate promotions that make me $100,000 per year. Project X has been proven to be the definitive guide for affiliates who want to become financially free in rapid time- that much is undeniable.

P.P.S. Remember that I offer a no-quibble 100% full eight-week money back guarantee. In other words, if you don't make a living from affiliate marketing, if you can't tell your boss where he can stick it, in fact for any reason whatsoever- just let me know and I will give you a full refund. Period. I have seen Project X in action - changing lives in real time, remember - and that is why I am so confident that I can make that claim.

Click Here to Order and start earning right away

What? No affiliate link. No contact button. No and no. You see, I don't want thousands of people flooding to my site and asking me if I am the real deal. And my affiliate program is off-limits for non-buyers. And here's the truth: I have no intention of qualifying myself. I didn't go through all this just to get my word out to non-believers. If you know you know, and if you don't... that's fine too. But I will say this: if you want to hear my voice and know what the guy behind the industry take-over sounds like, then go back to the drop-down box at the top of this page and sign up to the Bombshell newsletter. Just be prepared for the truth - and $500,000 worth of reasons why APX has already given thousands of your competitors the drop on you. The affiliate program - and my personal contact e-mail address - are reserved for my buyers, guys who know a good thing when they see it, guys who can see through the mist, and are prepared to take action to live the life they really want. The decision is yours to make, but make it fast because I may not be here to set you right tomorrow.

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